Why Work with me?

Design that doesn’t hold you hostage.

I have been building self-manageable websites and marketing solutions for over 14 years.

Creative Director
Madisonville, TX

The Trailer Parts Outlet

Currently serving as the Creative Director for a rapidly growing INC 5000 e-commerce company, where I spearheaded the overall visual and conceptual direction, leading a dynamic team to execute compelling campaigns that connected with our target demographic. Applied innovative strategies to amplify our brand presence and distinctiveness in a saturated digital market. Combined artistic vision, project management acumen, and consumer behavior insights to drive the brand’s growth and success

2019 – 2020
Creative Director
Madisonville, TX

Texas Pride Trailers

As Creative Director for a leading tow-behind trailer manufacturer, I guided the visual identity and conceptual direction of the brand, managing a multi-disciplinary team to produce engaging campaigns that resonated with our core customer base. Utilized industry insights and creative innovation to distinguish our brand in a competitive market. Merged aesthetic expertise, project oversight, and understanding of consumer trends to fuel the company’s growth and industry standing.

Content Creator / Graphic Designer
Madisonville, TX

TK Trailer Parts

An innovative and results-driven Content Creator with a track record of enhancing e-commerce brand visibility through engaging and SEO-optimized content. Leveraging skills in storytelling, social media management, and analytics to generate traffic and increase sales. Dedicated to combining market trends and consumer behavior insights to create compelling content that resonates with target audiences and drives customer engagement.

Graphic Design
Web Development

My Services

What do I do?

There is more than just this, but these are my primary offerings.

Email Marketing

Ever feel like your email campaigns are just shouting into the void? Not on our watch. We’re all about crafting email marketing strategies that are less about bombarding inboxes, more about engaging conversations. Cut through the digital noise with personalized email content that gets your brand the attention it deserves – without being spammy about it

Web Design

Websites are a bit like virtual handshakes – they leave a first impression. But let’s face it, not all handshakes are created equal. With our web design service, we’ll make sure yours is not a limp noodle or an overly aggressive bone-crusher. Instead, we’ll give you a firm, confident, ‘just right’ kind of website that reflects your brand’s personality and keeps visitors coming back for more.


A picture speaks a thousand words, but who has time to read all that? We take a different approach with our photography service. We capture the essence of your business in high-quality, attention-grabbing images that do more than just look good. They tell your story, evoke emotion, and convince customers that you’re worth their time and money.


Tired of the same old yawn-inducing corporate videos? Yeah, us too. That’s why our videography service is about bringing your brand to life in a fresh and exciting way. No fluff. No filler. Just compelling video content that captures your brand at its best, resonates with your audience, and leaves them wanting more.

A word from

Kiefer Likens

Who said getting a fantastic website has to feel like walking through a minefield? Not us. I’m all about delivering sleek web design, stunning graphic visuals, and strategic branding services that help your business stand out without tying you down.

Based in Madisonville, TX, and serving the surrounding 50-mile radius, I love our local small businesses. You’re not just another client to us; you’re a valued part of myr community. And I get it. You’re looking for a good deal, and that’s exactly what we provide.

My offerings? Websites you can manage yourself, compelling marketing materials, and everything in between. No hidden traps. No confusing tech mumbo-jumbo. Just simple, straightforward solutions that work.

With me, you’re not just getting a service. You’re getting a partner who’s committed to your success!


Feedback from my clients.

Unparalleled Web Design Service in Madisonville, TX!

Kiefer Likens isn't your ordinary web design contractor. He built us a website that's not just visually appealing, but also easy to manage on our own. It’s great to have such a high-quality local service in Madisonville. Highly recommend for any small business looking to establish their online presence!

Jim C. Web Design Client

Refreshing Approach to Web Development and Branding

Kiefer Likens provides an unmatched level of transparency and flexibility in web design. He doesn’t tie you down with complicated contracts – instead, he delivers a self-manageable website with user-friendly features. His graphic design services have given our branding a fresh and appealing look. Thank you, Kiefer!

Bri L. Branding & Web Design Client

Exceptional Marketing Services with a Personal Touch

Working with Kiefer Likens felt like a partnership rather than a business transaction. His approach to website creation and marketing services is remarkably client-friendly. Plus, his graphic design work is top-notch! Madisonville businesses, take note!

Lilly K. Web Design Client