THE Project

The primary objective was to create a memorable and recognizable brand identity that would attract customers to the food truck.

I proposed using a vintage character design of a corn cob holding a flag to represent the brand. The character would be prominently displayed on the truck and all marketing materials and become an iconic symbol of The Hearty Husker.

I began this project by researching Nebraskan culture and current food truck design trends to gain insights into the local food scene. It’s not hard to notice that corn is a staple ingredient in many Nebraskan dishes and is an important symbol of the state’s agricultural heritage.

With this in mind, I proposed a character design that would feature a corn cob holding a flag with the name of the food truck.



The character design ended up featuring a friendly and approachable corn cob. The corn cob was designed in a vintage style that would appeal to customers of all ages. The flag that the corn cob is holding has the letters THH in bold letters. The color scheme was kept simple with shades of yellow and green to reflect the colors of corn and the Nebraska countryside.

logo variations

Depending on design layouts two different logo variations have been created.