The Ultimate Guide to Video Content Marketing for Increased Engagement. Pt 4

October 9, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Video Content Marketing for Increased Engagement. Pt 4

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Content Marketing

By now, if you read the previous articles, you should now have an idea of what video content marketing is and how it can affect your brand and your sales rapidly. It’s a tool that your business needs to incorporate in order to get a higher return from your marketing efforts.

Let’s now look into a few strong reasons as to why you should invest in video content marketing and make it a part of your core business strategy.

1. More Conversions. (Means More Money)

When running an online campaign, the ONLY metric that matters is the conversion rate. Because there are no conversions from your prospects into leads or customers, your business isn’t obtaining growth, it’s as simple as that.

By leveraging video marketing, your business will be able to get more conversions to sign up for your newsletter or buy your latest product. When compared to other types of marketing content, video content can give your soon to be customers the needed clarity to make the final decision. It gives you an edge over the competition and since quality video isn’t as easy to produce, it can take a while before others catch up with you.

A recent research conducted shows that 71% of marketers have found video content more conversion-friendly. When done right, it can easily help you get better results with minimal efforts.

2. Better Emotional Connection and Culture

If you look around the social media landscape, you’ll find that videos are being shared the most in comparison to other content types. While there are many reasons as to why people like sharing videos, one of the strongest “why” is that people connect to the right video content on an emotional level. By creating videos that appeal to the emotions of your target audience, you not only give them a reason to consume your content but also spread it across their own network.

For example, if you look at a traditional blog post, you won’t find the emotional cues that come with video content. Right from the tone of voice to the sound effects/music being used, everything can have a positive impact on the viewer. Which ultimately makes your content stand out from the rest and also memorable.

When interested people watch your video that evokes their strongest emotions (happiness, awe, anger, etc), it may not push them towards taking action immediately. However, it will help them make a buying decision later on when they see more such content from you.

So whether you are in the B2B or the B2C market, impressing the emotions of your audience with video marketing, can and will help you bring in more business.

3. Higher Accessibility to your audience.

Let’s face the facts that video production no longer has to be a multi-million dollar task as it was a few years back. You now are able to spend less time creating a video, with a lower budget to achieve studio level quality in your videos. We’re talking about video quality that only the big dog corporations had access to produce.

This video was entirely shot on a cell phone:

This was shot an a super expensive cinema camera:

Thanks to the advancement in technology and with new/innovative tools available, creating and launching your own video has become much more affordable. In fact, it will keep getting easier in the coming years as more and more businesses jump into producing their own videos and starting their own channels.

4. Engaging on a stronger level

Many studies have proven that visual content works great when it comes to engaging your target audience. People today like to consume to content that is visually appealing and engrossing. Now, this isn’t limited to pictures or photographs. Video content is proven to be a big part of the “visual content” movement.

With more and more people watching video content on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you can see firsthand how video is helping generate strong engagement from target users.

When you create and share video content with your social followers, you have a 10X chance of them engaging with your video, which often translates to more shares and comments. However, do keep in mind that the quality of video content marketing matters to a huge extent and has a direct impact on the kind of results you are able to generate.

5. SEO will go through the roof.

Does video marketing have an impact on SEO? Can videos actually help you rank higher in the search engines for keywords that are hard to rank for? The answer is yes, given that you’re doing it right. There is little doubt that Google and other major search engines like Bing love video content and won’t hesitate to rank it higher than traditional articles.

According to a study done by Comscore, by adding video content to your site, you have a 53% higher chance to end up on the first page of the SERPs. This just goes on to show that quality video content can make a big difference to not only your conversion rate, but also the organic search traffic you generate.


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