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Photo Portfolio From The Trailer Parts Outlet


This series was formed to bring industry knowledge to our audience with out the worry of a sales pitch or having to buy products. This strategy in turn creates a brand appearance of being an industry leader willing to share knowledge to who ever needs it. 
My Roles:
This series is my pet project, including pre-production content creation, directing, producing, as well as hosting the show and all post production. 

Quick Tips - an informational series

This series was formed to help eliminate some of our customer pain points when ordering products, how to information and general product knowledge for our consumers that are in need of products. 
My Roles:
My roles in this series include pre-production content creation, directing, producing, as well as hosting  most episodes and all post production. 

Previous Employment & Projects

Texas Pride Trailers

Delivering infotainment style and unscripted digital content to various platforms through a complete company rebrand is no easy task, but Texas Pride Trailer’s Creative Media Team has stepped up to the challenge and met it head on.

As lead photographer, I often find myself on the manufacturing floor taking photos and short videos of our talented welders and manufacturers building our custom trailers by hand.

Video Editor is one of the many other hats I wear at TPT. I am proficient with common tools such as those in the Adobe Creative Suite, however; I have had the opportunity to stretch my legs in DaVinci Resolve, as that is the main editing tool we use.

Within the first 3 months, I created, hosted, and marketed a YouTube channel that brought in over $257,000 in sales to the company. Nearly a year later, we’ve expanded our facilities, our employee roster, and our client pool…and we’re not stopping there!

Photo Portfolio From Texas Pride Trailers

Favorite Videos I have worked on:

Garnering almost 90,000 views in less than 6 months. This video was an absolute blast to make. We loaded three of our dump trailers to the max and tested the hydraulic cylinders. 

Roles I played:
– Video Host (assisted by Brad, TPT’s Senior Engineer)
– Camera Operator
– Video Editor

Being able to meet and chat with the legend from Demolition Ranch was nothing less than an honor. Matt is an amazing dude. 

Roles I played:
– Camera Operator
– Motion Graphics
– Photography
– Video Editor,
– Graphic Design (thumbnail)

Exploring stories of seasoned Texas Pride Employees is an essential part to finding out who the company is and what values the company holds. in this video we dove into Robert’s Story. 

Roles I played:
– Camera Operator
– Motion Graphics
– Photography
– Video Editor, 
– Graphic Design (thumbnail)

These may help.

Freelance work with Apple Pie Wedding

Call me a romantic but there is something about capturing new life being created. When any bride and groom say “I do!” I get goosebumps.  

Most weddings that are filmed and captured by Apple Pie Wedding are located in south Louisiana. 

When we work together I am a second shooter and photographer.  Matt, the owner and lead creative, does the editing and production for his videos. 

To film and photograph a wedding involves on your feet thinking and sometime out of the box solutions to issues that arise during the wedding day. 

Photo Portfolio From Apple Pie Wedding

Favorite Videos I have worked on:

Nathan + Syndey

Jacob + Brittany

Jacques + Cassie

Web Design Projects

Recent Photography Sessions.

Personal Photography Work

I enjoy being behind the camera. Capturing memories and telling stories through photographs is one of the biggest joys of my life. 

My expertise in photography allows me to pursue this passion of mine beyond the 9 to 5.

Photography sessions I offer include personal and family portraits, senior photos, professional headshots, engagements, and even your wedding day.

It all comes down to a moment. 

To book a session, just call or text me.

Real Estate



Freelance Design Work

So far everything you have seen hasn’t touched my Masters Degree in Graphic Design & Marketing. 

What I can offer as a freelance designer

Print Design
Web Design
Business Cards
Business Consulting
Social Media Management 
Content Creation
and so much more. 


Print Design


Where to start.....

I can officially list midwifery as one of my hobbies, I delivered two of my three children, whom I love and adore.  

when I am not behind a camera or a computer you can either find me spending time with my family or giving my neglected X-Box some attention. 

I serve as a preaching elder and worship leader at my church. I am the Vice President of the Texas Mushroom Festival and occasionally you can hear me on the radio.