Creative Director
Madisonville, TX

The Trailer Parts Outlet

Currently serving as the Creative Director for a rapidly growing INC 5000 e-commerce company, where I spearheaded the overall visual and conceptual direction, leading a dynamic team to execute compelling campaigns that connected with our target demographic. Applied innovative strategies to amplify our brand presence and distinctiveness in a saturated digital market. Combined artistic vision, project management acumen, and consumer behavior insights to drive the brand’s growth and success

2019 – 2020
Creative Director
Madisonville, TX

Texas Pride Trailers

As Creative Director for a leading tow-behind trailer manufacturer, I guided the visual identity and conceptual direction of the brand, managing a multi-disciplinary team to produce engaging campaigns that resonated with our core customer base. Utilized industry insights and creative innovation to distinguish our brand in a competitive market. Merged aesthetic expertise, project oversight, and understanding of consumer trends to fuel the company’s growth and industry standing.

An Expanded Look at What I did

Stepping into the role of Creative Director for a foremost tow-behind trailer manufacturer, I transformed the company’s visual identity, breathing new life into the brand’s personality and establishing a compelling narrative that reached deep into the heart of our target audience. In this pivotal role, I didn’t just oversee a multidisciplinary team – I curated a battalion of creatives who shared my commitment to excellence and innovation. Together, we conceptualized and executed groundbreaking campaigns that resonated with our audience on a visceral level, setting us apart in a fiercely competitive market.

My ability to amalgamate aesthetic prowess, hands-on project management, and a deep understanding of consumer behaviors has been key in driving our meteoric growth and ascending industry standing. It’s through this trifecta of skills that I was able to create a brand environment that didn’t just sell products – it cultivated an emotional connection with our customers, securing their loyalty and turning them into brand evangelists.

Stepping into the digital frontier, I engineered the establishment of a YouTube channel that quickly became an industry beacon. Within just a year, we amassed over 6,000 loyal subscribers, eager for the knowledge-infused content that we regularly disseminated. This wasn’t your typical YouTube channel – it was a digital hub of trailer wisdom, engaging viewers with insightful content and fostering an enthusiastic community of trailer aficionados.

My efforts resulted in a remarkable achievement – our YouTube channel, aptly named “All About Trailers,” scaled the search engine ranks to emerge as the #1 result when searching for trailers on YouTube. This was no small feat – it required a deep understanding of SEO practices, digital marketing strategies, and content creation techniques to pull it off.

Our other business-focused YouTube channel also saw incredible success under my guidance, with subscriber numbers skyrocketing past the 12K mark. Each subscriber isn’t just a viewer – they’re part of a thriving digital community centered around our brand, testament to the magnetic pull of our engaging content and distinctive brand identity.

My career as a Creative Director isn’t just a list of roles and responsibilities – it’s an ongoing journey of elevating brand narratives, driving customer engagement, and achieving business objectives. My work reflects a commitment to innovation, a dedication to exceptional leadership, and a keen understanding of digital marketing dynamics. As we continue to surge forward, I’m excited to leverage my expertise to drive future success and inspire those who choose to embark on this exhilarating journey with me.


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