Creative Director, 
Madisonville, TX

The Trailer Parts Outlet

Currently serving as the Creative Director for a rapidly growing INC 5000 e-commerce company, where I spearheaded the overall visual and conceptual direction, leading a dynamic team to execute compelling campaigns that connected with our target demographic. Applied innovative strategies to amplify our brand presence and distinctiveness in a saturated digital market. Combined artistic vision, project management acumen, and consumer behavior insights to drive the brand’s growth and success

2019 – 2020
Creative Director, 
Madisonville, TX

Texas Pride Trailers

As Creative Director for a leading tow-behind trailer manufacturer, I guided the visual identity and conceptual direction of the brand, managing a multi-disciplinary team to produce engaging campaigns that resonated with our core customer base. Utilized industry insights and creative innovation to distinguish our brand in a competitive market. Merged aesthetic expertise, project oversight, and understanding of consumer trends to fuel the company’s growth and industry standing.

An Expanded Look at What I've Done

As a visionary Creative Director at an innovative and rapidly-growing INC 5000 e-commerce company, I’ve been the cornerstone of the company’s brand image, nurturing it from infancy to the dynamic, impactful presence it boasts today. I architected a comprehensive rebranding initiative that revolutionized our brand image, increasing consumer engagement, and fueling an aggressive market share capture.

My expertise extends to the realms of audio and video content. I single-handedly conceived, created, edited, and produced three riveting podcasts: “Women in the Trailer Industry with Caitlin and Lacey,” a compelling discourse breaking stereotypes in the industry; “Full Send with Juan and Kief,” an action-packed podcast filled with bold ideas and adrenaline-filled adventures; and “The More You Know,” an enlightening series bridging the gap between consumers and trailer knowledge. These auditory experiences have raked in countless listeners, serving as pillars of our brand’s digital presence.

Harnessing the power of video, I kickstarted a YouTube channel that quickly became a sensation. Within just two years, we attracted over 324,700 views, and our community swelled to 4,800 strong. With over 12,000 watch hours, we monetized the channel, thereby adding another robust revenue stream.

In the realm of digital marketing, I pioneered the introduction of an effective email marketing strategy that turbocharged our revenue, driving it from a mere $7,000 per month to an astounding $126,000, while simultaneously halving the cost – a testament to our proficiency in ROI optimization.

Recognizing the power of originality, I established the Creative Content Department, effectively growing the team from scratch to 4 members. We’ve produced an awe-inspiring array of over 400 videos in just two years, a feat demonstrating our unwavering commitment to continuous content generation and innovation.

With an astute understanding of the e-commerce platform landscape, I’ve overseen the management, design, and light development of our Shopify website, The Trailer Parts Outlet. I also built and supervised the entirety of trailerplans.com and our WordPress/Woo-commerce site for TK Trailer Parts, fully leveraging the potential of these platforms to optimize user experience and drive sales.

My passion for excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of brand identity, digital marketing, and team leadership, has not only transformed our brand’s image but has also positioned us as a leader in the e-commerce industry. My journey as a Creative Director encapsulates not just successful projects, but also the creation of a brand legacy.


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